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Awesome angle of Georgia Dome implosion gets ruined by bus with impeccable timing

His wording makes perfect sense, actually. When Lynch got fined repeatedly for grabbing his crotch in touchdown celebrations, he referred to it at his “ding-ding.” So “ding-ding sauce” is a logical extension of that.

Lynch is coming off of his best game since he came out of retirement before the 2017 season. He had his first 100-plus yard game since he returned, with 101 and a touchdown. He added 20 receiving yards in Oakland’s 24-17 win. So reporters probably had plenty of things they wanted to ask him.

Tavarres was not available for comment Tuesday but released a statement through his agent on Monday explaining his change of heart.Just ‘t expect Mumphery to declare as much.

Or maybe there’s a connection between all of these great historical figures. Tupac and Elvis were both posthumously featured in a Dutch beer commercial back in 2014. And Obama was the first American president to brew beer in the White House. White House Honey Ale was served at a presidential Super Bowl party, so there’s even an NFL connection. But it wasn’t a Bing Cheap Jerseys Dutch beer. It was more like a Belgian dubbel ale. Back to the drawing board.

Wait, perhaps this is a six degrees of Kevin Bacon situation. Let’s see. OK, Flair faced off against The Rock at WrestleMania 20. The Rock was in The Game Plan with Kyra Sedgwick, who was in the movie Pyrates with Bacon, who Cheap Authentic Jerseys From China is also her husband.

And Elvis was in Viva Las Vegas with Ann-Margret. She was in Grumpy Old Men with Walter Matthau, and he was in JFK with Bacon.

It works for Tupac, too. Remember Poetic Justice? He was in that with Khandi Alexander. And she was in Patriots Day with Bacon.

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