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NFL schedule: Week 7 game times, TV coverage

It’s not the first time for Mitchell. He’s been fined twice in his career for similar transgressions. Both came during the 2015 season. He had to pony up $8,681 for unnecessary roughness against Antonio Gates and $23,152 for a hit on a defenseless receiver, Tyler Eifert. He wasn’t fined for it, but an attempt to launch over the Jets offensive line to hit Michael Vick back in 2014 earned him the ire of Rex Ryan and Nick Mangold.

First, rumors stated he wanted out of Pittsburgh, and then he was content with the Steelers. But after catching just three passes in his last two games, it appears the 6-4 wideout is open to a move.

Hill, who is set to return to ESPN on Monday after a two-week suspension, said she isn’t upset with ESPN for the punishment.

Hill, who co-hosts “The Six” with Michael Smith, called President Trump a “white supremacist” on Twitter, and said he was “the most ignorant, offensive president of [her] lifetime.”

She also suggested that fans should boycott the Dallas Cowboys’ advertisers, after owner Jerry Jones threatened to bench players who did not stand during the national anthem.

Hill told TMZ that she loves ESPN, but still plans to speak her mind on Twitter.

Divisional matchups include Jets-Dolphins, Bengals-Steelers and Cardinals-Rams. With a win, the Dolphins could begin to challenge the Patriots at the top of the AFC East. The New York Giants Cheap Jerseys Steelers NBA Cheap Jerseys China are on top of the AFC North, but the Bengals can make up some ground if they win Sunday. If the Cardinals can claim a win over the Rams, the NFC West will be wide open.

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