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How the Timberwolves should handle Andrew Wiggins’ future

Most players chosen in the first round of the 2014 NBA Draft are eligible for contract extensions this summer. No one has yet inked a deal and it’s a mystery as to whether any of the big names will lock up long-term money this summer.

Pavlovic became a cult hero as Cleveland challenged Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike for titles in the ensuing years. Kapono, meanwhile, spent one season in Charlotte before winning a title in Miami (he played two minutes in the playoffs during that run) and becoming an internet star for his shooting prowess in both South Beach and Toronto. (He eventually flamed out spectacularly.)

The pick Charlotte received for Pavlovic finally transferred in 2007, when the Bobcats selected Jared Dudley. He spent 93 games in Charlotte before becoming an integral rotation player for the late-Nash era Suns. The trade that sent Dudley to Phoenix gave the world Charlotte Boris Diaw, as well, something we will never forget.

How were the New York Knicks doing in 2004? They left their two highest-paid players — Allan Houston ($17 million) and Penny Hardaway ($14 million) unprotected. Charlotte took neither. Go Knicks.

Two editions of the game will feature Kyrie Irving (on whatever team he might be on by then) in the American version. If Irving is traded, he would just continue the 2K curse! DeMar DeRozan is featured on the Canadian version, and Shaquille O’Neal will be on the special edition covers.

The 2018 NBA 2K installment’s biggest new feature will be its story-based franchise mode called “MyGM: The Next Chapter,” according to senior producer Erick Boenisch.

In this game mode, you’ll play as a former player who NFL 21 Cheap Jerseys suffered a career-ending injury six years prior. Now you’re at the helm of an NBA franchise. Think what My Career was for 2K17 playing alongside Michael B. Jordan, but this time you aren’t on the court, you’re in a suit.

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