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Todd Bowles to Sheldon Richardson: Stop the ‘BS’ about Brandon Marshall

Todd Bowles wants Sheldon Richardson to talk about his current teammates and stop the chatter about a certain former Jets player.

Richardson said Monday former Jets receiver Brandon Marshall quit on the team during a 5-11 season last year and referred to the now-Giants receiver as a drama queen. The Jets head coach said Tuesday he has spoken with the 26-year-old defensive lineman and made it clear he does not approve of Richardson criticizing Marshall.

Jones also hinted at what may be an NFL rebranding in light of the health and safety issues that have damaged football’s popularity. Jones believes the progress being made toward addressing injuries will make the NFL distinguish itself in terms of promoting safety while still being the place “where the men play” and “where it does get physical.”

Still, one thing that remains unchanged for Jones is his perpetual optimism about the Cowboys that surfaces at the start of every preseason. Beside the impressive talent that Dallas has assembled — led by second-year quarterback Dak Prescott — Jones is bullish on Garrett and his coaching staff making sure the 2017 Cowboys don’t rest on their laurels after last year’s 13-3 season.

“I think the success of last year and the failure of the year before have given (the coaches) insight and a lesson, whatever you want to call it, in how to maybe take advantage this year,” Jones said. “We’ve got some young players that can play and play right now. And I think we’ve got them in spots that we can live with as they learn.

“Now, by the way, I sure wouldn’t have said that about Dak Prescott at Cheap Jerseys From China NBA quarterback last year. But boy, look what happened there.”

Chalk that up as another reason why Jones continues to look ahead — rather Cheap Jerseys Good Quality than behind — as his Canton coronation approaches.

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