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Nick Markakis hits his 2,000th career hit against the Dodgers

With a relatively innocuous opposite field single during the fourth inning of Thursday’s Braves game, Nick Markakis hit his 2,000th career hit. Because he’s Nick Markakis, it’s only right that such an achievement would come on a single.

It’s not the type of injury that happens in baseball often, and definitely not one that usually happens before the first pitch can even be thrown.

The most recent update on his condition confirms that Camargo hyperextended his right knee, with further tests scheduled for later Tuesday night. While leaving the Cheap Liverpool Soccer Jerseys field, Camargo required help walking and wasn’t putting weight on his right leg.

It certainly looks as if he was attempting to jump over the chalk, as many Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys players are known to do based on superstition.

In the meantime, Braves prospect Dansby Swanson has been pulled from his game in Triple-A, leading many to assume that he will be replacing Camargo on the roster for the time being.

Swanson was previously on the major league roster as a back up player, but was sent down at the end of July for more consistent reps.

I remark that I’ve never seen someone approach a piece of cake this way. A local radio host named Andy, who’s sitting next to Leavy, looks up from his dinner.

“You hang around him for 12 hours,” Andy says, nodding in Leavy’s direction, “and you’ll see a lot of things you’ve never seen before.”

You probably wouldn’t care if another wealthy worker’s compensation lawyer were scarfing down dessert in Miami an hour before the MLB All-Star Game. But Leavy isn’t just a lawyer. Leavy is Marlins Man, the guy who’s become famous for sitting in prominent seats at almost every big sporting event each year, wearing an orange Marlins visor and a jersey. He’s been doing this since 2014, after a cancer scare. He claims he can travel so extensively because he’s able to work remotely, since only 1 percent of his cases go to trial.

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