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Jay Cutler’s best quotes from his Dolphins introductory press conference

Jay Cutler isn’t really known for his colorful personality, but maybe moving to Miami can help with that.

The Dolphins’ newest quarterback had a few zingers and memorable comments during his introductory press conference on Monday, as well as a couple “typical Jay Cutler” moments.

Here are some of his best (and goofiest) quotes.

On his workout routine: “The good thing is I play quarterback so I don’t have to be in that great cardiovascular shape.”

While this isn’t the first time Rodgers has said he wants to play into his 40s, the key to Thursday’s comments are that it’s important to him that he still be a Packer if his career does last that long. While he watched Brett Favre shuffled out of town as he took over QB duties in Green Bay, Rodgers’ sentiment goes beyond the fate of his former teammate.

“I don’t just think it’s 2008,” Rodgers said. “It’s being a sports fan and watching some of my favorite all-time players either not finish in the place they started — or the place you fell in love watching them play — or they did. And seeing how different the memory is of those players as a fan.”

In other words, he sees himself as a Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan, who retired on teams with which they won multiple championships, not a Favre, Joe Montana or Michael Jordan, whose careers ended in relatively inglorious fashions.

“Doing it their entire career at one place, I just think it’s pretty Cheap Jerseys Mastercard special,” Rodgers said. “Again, I’m a realist as well. I have to play well, the team has to want to Cheap Jerseys Kids NFL bring me back. But obviously I’d like to finish things here where we started.”

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