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Brandon Kintzler was in the middle of feeding a rhino when he got traded

Trade deadline day, and the weekend before, are handled differently by each player. Some may think a lot about the chance that they might be moving to a different city, some may track what radio hosts are speculating for their future, and some may find ways to ignore the conversation going on about their team or their status.

That distraction could come in a lot of different ways, and may boil down to just putting their heads down and playing, pitching, or supporting their teammates the same way they would do on any other game day.

According to an MLB source sited by the Miami Herald, the league is expected to receive the written agreement on Friday in order to process and approve it.

As things stand Jeter is expected to “run the business and baseball operations” side of things, and there are a total of 16 investors in this group of buyers.

Despite the fact that Jeter is only putting about a $25 million chunk of his personal money into the bid, his relationship with Sherman is allegedly the reason he will get to primarily run the team and make the decisions.

The Marlins haven’t made the playoffs since 2003, so this could end up Cheap NFL Jerseys Embroidered being Jeter’s opportunity to turn things around and play Baseball God with a team Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale that isn’t making much of an impact right now.

Or he could just get many more opportunities to spend in Florida for “work reasons.”

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