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A minor leaguer made an incredible rolling catch and got hilariously dizzy

Diving catches are pretty cool. They happen a decent enough amount that they aren’t amazing to see or anything, but pretty cool regardless.

(Oh who are we kidding? Diving catches are super cool to see whenever they happen and everyone needs to stop being so cynical all the time.)

There he is, hair hidden by a Lannister soldier’s helm, but also about to take down a Dothraki rider with a spear. We know he’s got the arm strength for it. Check out that form:

Sadly for Syndergaard, the Lannister forces were wiped out by the Dothraki as well as a dragon who casually flew into battle breathing fire all over the place. You can’t just throw a regular old spear at a dragon, and as Lannister forces learned, arrows aren’t going to cut it, either.

Ken Griffey Jr. had the finest year of his career in center field, a demigod with his own chocolate bars. He was irreplaceable. Right fielder Jay Buhner was 32 and never boasted exceptional defense, but his arm was strong and his bat was stronger. He could play left or right if needed, and could have ceded to Ichiro’s demonstrable defensive wizardry. Lee Tinsley seems the odd man out, and his .197/.263/.279 line in 49 games that year indicates he was. Top prospect Jose Cruz Jr. was brought up to replace him, yet the need for pitching was so great that Cruz was dealt midway through the season for relievers Mike Timlin and Paul Spoljaric (some things never change). Inserting Ichiro, either in left field or in Cheap Oakland Raiders Jerseys right, would have instantly created one of the greatest defensive outfields in the history of Cheap Qld School Basketball Jerseys baseball. Placing the perpetual baserunning pest of Ichiro in front of A-Rod, Griffey, Edgar, and Buhner is as tantalizing a fantasy as Mariners fans could re-imagine.

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