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Cowboys are Darrelle Revis’ last, best hope in NFL free agency

Darrelle Revis has cleared one big obstacle in the final wave of NFL free agency, learning that he won’t face any league discipline after his felony criminal charges were dismissed.

There’s still another major hurdle standing between him and re-employment — the fact he’s a fading cornerback who turns 32 in July and isn’t built well to Cheap Basketball Jerseys extend his career as a safety.

Revis, released from his second Jets stint in March, has seen many lukewarm suitors round out their secondary since. That limits to him one relasitic option: the Dallas Cowboys.

Coach Pete Carroll didn’t hand anything to Flynn and let the best man win, even if it meant the spending on Flynn would go splat. The best was Wilson, and his terrific rookie season set up something greater.

The Bears had to cut ties with Jay Cutler to have a chance at catching up to the Packers and Lions, who have stable QB situations. The Vikings, with Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford, have also been able to stay ahead of Chicago at the game’s most important position.

The last thing the Bears should do, then, is to lock into anybody at quarterback, even for one year. It may not have been their intention to go hard after Trubisky in the wake of signing Glennon, but the opportunity presented itself.

They already had a case of complacent cockiness with Cutler, and everyone knows how that turned out. It’s good to see Glennon so confident, but it wouldn’t hurt to Cheap Euro Jerseys light a true fire in having him compete with Trubisky.

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