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The Cowboys and Eagles have played the first half of their Week 7 matchup in Philadelphia, but punters Chris Jones and Donnie Jones have seemed to get a lot more work Cheap Basketball Jerseys UK than any of the star offensive players on either team. With a halftime score of 3-0, the two teams have combined for 13 punts already.

Cowboys punter Chris Jones has punted six times for 230 yards, even though he only averages a little more than four punts per game this season. Eagles punter Donnie Jones has punted seven times for 334 yards, though he only averages about 4.6 punts per game.

With both teams in the top four in scoring this year while also ranking in the bottom third in scoring defense, nobody expected this game to only feature a single field goal as the scoring through two quarters. The over/under on the game was set at 55.

With any real postseason aspirations dashed just six games into the season, Ed Valentine of Big Blue View writes that the Giants’ focus from here on out should be Cheap Blue Jays Jerseys evaluating the talent on their roster in preparation for a reshuffling this offseason.

Coughlin, and everyone in the organization, is likely loathe to admit it, but this season is lost for the Giants — at least in terms of the grandiose goal of being the first team to win a Super Bowl in their home stadium. The year, however, does not have to be a total bust. The brutal truth is that, while it would be nice to win a respectable number of games the rest of the way the outcomes of the next 10 games don’t really matter. What the Giants learn about who can — and can’t — be part of the long-term solution does matter.

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