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Panthers release Brandon Boykin two months after signing him

Pittsburgh did not show much interest in re-signing him once the offseason began, so he signed with Carolina on a one-year deal on March 28. Seven weeks later, he’s out of a job once again. Not that he’s surprised.

Given his track record of above-average play and the fact that he’s still only 25 years old, it seems likely Boykin will get another chance somewhere at some point. But considering he’s now washed out of three organizations in less than a year, there appears to be something about Boykin that’s rubbing organizations the wrong way, and he’ll have to rectify that wherever he lands next.

Earlier on Monday, the Astros brought Tony Kemp to the majors.

A former fifth-round pick, Kemp has hit .281/.359/.375 throughout his Triple-A career, all the while splitting time between second base and the outfield. He isn’t an elite prospect, but he is an interesting one. Craig Goldstein, Baseball Prospectus’ minor-league editor, said that Kemp has “huge makeup” and a real shot to be an “above-average hitter.” Alas, Goldstein also said that Kemp “won’t give you any power” and is “limited to second base by his arm.” Overall, Goldstein thinks Kemp can be a big-league player for the foreseeable future, provided teams focus on what he can do rather than what he can’t.

Brady grew up in the Bay Area, so it’s not a complete surprise to hear that he’s a big fan of the Warriors. It’s also not a big surprise that he’s a fan of Curry. After all, the two superstars have a lot in common.

For one, there’s the Bay Area thing: Brady was raised in San Mateo, California, which is about a 30-mile drive from where the Warriors play at Oracle Arena.

“He might be my long-lost dad,” Jones said, laughing, via Syracuse.com. “I’ve been looking for that guy for 23 years. I found him.”

Ryan’s reaction?

“You guys have seen me throw,” he said. “I can’t even throw it 30 yards I don’t think. OK, maybe 40. You know what, I’m excited about him. He’s a big, raw talent. Does he have to come a long way? There’s no question about that. But he’s almost in the perfect situation and we’ll see how he develops.”

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