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Warriors star Stephen Curry said he agreed with James on the disinterest of visiting the White House

James was also asked about the WNBA Finals champion Minnesota Lynx never receiving an invite to the White House, to which he responded, It’s laughable. You laugh to keep from crying.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr spoke to, saying The president has made it pretty clear he’s gonna try to divide all of us in this country for political gain.

Kerr: It’s not surprising. The president has made it pretty clear he’s going to divide us, all of us for political gain. I think we all look forward to the day when we can go back to having a celebration of athletic achievement.

Regardless of what is said moving forward, this reality shall be cemented. It’s been written by the president’s own hand to spite the men who are willing to throw rocks at his impervious house. The president will stage a show, and if you aren’t invited, it is nearly impossible to amass demonstrable revolt from outside his gates.

The event was ultimately a mostly white, private party for Washington’s seemingly elite. People were asked if they were fans, and they offered confused looks. People were asked who Philly’s quarterbacks were, and Cheap Dan Marino Jerseys they shot back blanks. At least some Malvern Prep boys did interviews with Barstool. Ah, the parody is complete.

Tuck rule. I am still not over it.

Another fortunate moment for the Patriots came in January 2012 when Evans dropped a strike from Joe Flacco that likely would’ve sent the Ravens to the Super Bowl.

Lee Evans catches Joe Flacco’s pass in the 2011 AFC Championship Game against the Patriots. Would’ve sent the Ravens to the Super Bowl.

Lee Evans drops a wide open easy td to beat the Pats in the 2011 afc title game. Flacco would have 2 rings

This year in the AFC Championship, the Jaguars blew a 20-10 lead in the fourth quarter. But things probably would have turned out much differently if officials hadn’t blown the whistle after Myles Jack scooped up a Dion Lewis fumble.

Replay showed possession was rightfully awarded to Jacksonville, but it also showed the Jaguars linebacker should’ve been able to return the fumble for a touchdown to give the Jaguars a 27-10 lead.

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