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I think Maye more likely falls into the category of “good college player.”

Could he be? Probably. Should he be? Different question. Alexander-Walker has had impressive moments for Virginia Tech and piqued some interest, but the general sentiment I’ve heard, one I’d agree with, is that he’s far from ready.

He’s skilled and has developed into a nice piece for UNC, but it’s hard to get around Wholesale Jerseys the issue of physical measurables and his ugly free throw shooting versus what may be an untenable shooting clip from outside. Not to harp on the comparison, but as a rookie at the combine, Kevin Love measured 6’9” in shoes with a 6’11” wingspan, posted a 35” vertical and tested well all-around (despite being much heavier than the player we know today). He entered the NBA as an already-elite rebounder and legitimate post player. Maye is more of a tweener, lacks the high-end physical attributes and will be treated with skepticism. In Berry’s case, beyond his intangibles, not much jumps off the page right now.

Steven Nelson, cornerback, Kansas City. One of the crazy things about the crashing-and-burning of the Chiefs is their continued loss of poise. Nelson killed them on the Jets’ winning drive in the 38-31 New York victory Sunday. I’ll set the stage: Chiefs up 31-30, Jets driving at the Chiefs’ 4-yard line, 2:39 left in the game. Josh McCown throws incomplete, but Nelson is called for holding/mugging Jets tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins. First down at the two. McCown eventually scores on a sneak. Jets go for two. Fail. Nelson gets called for holding again. Jets’ ball at the one, and this time they make the two-point play.

Dallas had trailed 120-110 and gotten back into the game with a 10-0 run. After Klay Thompson threw in a layup at a wild angle, Harrison Barnes responded for the Mavericks. But Dallas had put out an all-offense lineup for the Barnes possession, one that included Dirk Nowitzki. You know, Nowitzki turns 40 this year. He never really had a chance. (Dallas should have fouled, though. They had one to give.)

Without a timeout and on a desperate last-chance play, Dennis Smith airballed a shot from around center court.

This isn’t the first time that Curry has burnt Dallas.

He has only three catches on 13 targets for 29 yards the past two combined.The home surface of the Chargers is Murphy Field.It is inappropriate and can be a safety and security risk to transmit information about an inmate to the rest of the inmate population, Department of Corrections spokeswoman Keast told the newspaper.Far from flashy, the Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping 6-foot-2-pounder doesn’t offer much offence – just one goal and three assists far this .But I’m still not trying to do too much.I thought wrestled well and had a .

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