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Sauerkraut on a cheeseburger

While new head coach Anthony Lynn is an unknown, that’s already an upgrade over Mike McCoy, who was one of the worst head coaches in franchise history. The Chargers rebuilt their Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys For Kids offensive line this offseason, and thus Philip Rivers should finally have a pocket to step up into this year — plus he gets his best receiver in Keenan Allen back. Add to that a defense that started to put it together last year after the emergence of Joey Bosa, and you have a team on the rise.

The second-best quarterback on the roster is Cardale Jones. If Rivers misses more than part of even one game, this team will be a complete mess. Thankfully for the Chargers, Rivers has not missed a game yet in his career since becoming a starter. But if he goes down, any hope they had of being even borderline competitive goes down with him.

The Atlanta Falcons. Dec. 28, 1991. Oct. 16, 2005. Sept. 26, 2010. That’s why. By the way, did you know the Falcons led in the third quarter of the Super Bowl by 25 points at one time?

Sauerkraut on a cheeseburger. Because, just like the Saints’ defense, everyone will pass on that.

Turn $5 of salary cap space into $25. For the past five seasons, the Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys Saints have had limited salary cap space to work with, but always seem to make just enough (questionable) moves in free agency with the limited funds they have.

There were some false starts in 2007 — they started 0-2 and then won six straight before squeaking their way into the playoffs at the end of the season — but things coalesced in the playoffs, and a team that looked to be perennially frustrating in the playoffs broke through its ceiling and won the Super Bowl.

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