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3 issues the NBA needs to solve before expanding, and 1 it doesn’t

Going from 450 NBA players to 480 isn’t a problem. Between the international growth and the rise of AAU basketball in the United States, there will still be hundreds of worthy NBA players without any risk that the talent level will be noticeably deluded. And with the G-League developing into a proper minor league system, NBA teams will have an even greater ability to develop players, too.

For something as big as expansion, I would imagine that we’re still years away from anything happening. The best case scenario is that there’s some resolution within the next four years, where the NBA actively moves the process along and maybe even selects bids.

On the other hand, this could drag out for the entire NFL Jerseys Cheap decade. East teams, seeing their weaker conference and possible conference realignment, may vote against expansion teams. When you have millions invested in your team’s future, it’s a hard vote to disrupt the status quo.

Still, it’s coming, and you’ll start hearing about it even Nike NFL Jerseys Supply more over the next few years. Consider this fair warning!

This is arguably the best rivalry going in the Eastern Conference, since Cavaliers vs. anyone hasn’t really been a rivalry over the past three seasons. Washington and Boston went to a Game 7 in last year’s Eastern Conference semifinals, with the Celtics only barely squeezing through with a win. Now, the Celtics will be tasked with doing the same thing on Christmas Day.

Washington is still somehow extremely young, with a 26-year-old John Wall and 24-year-old Bradley Beal. Boston, meanwhile, finally cashed in on a huge name for the first time this summer, signing Gordon Hayward. They’re otherwise pretty similar to the team they were last year, although team president Danny Ainge still has plenty of assets to throw around. This game definitely deserves the 5 p.m. slot — there’s no doubt about that.

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