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Front office games in Washington give Kirk Cousins even more to ponder

So, according to the Washington Post, Washington’s front office is a carefully-constructed mirage, specifically designed to fool the public about who’s making decisions and who’s not, and why.

If Kirk Cousins wasn’t aware of this before, he is now.

If it wasn’t something to file away as he ponders what he can and can’t control about his future, it is now.

And if he didn’t have his head on a swivel already because of his oft-cited commitment to play where he’s truly wanted … you know the rest.

There’s no reason to think he won’t, or can’t, though. Not even his young age, 37.

It’s hard to remember the last time Shanahan didn’t have lots of eyes on him, for all the well-known reasons (including his last name). He handled it all well enough to reach this point — not only to become a head coach, but to coordinate one of the 10 most prolific offenses in NFL history, and one that dominated the almighty Patriots for 2 1/2 quarters.

There is the mild impediment of not having much reason to trust the decisions 49ers CEO Jed York makes. Shanahan is the 49ers’ fourth coach in four years, as everybody knows. His Oakland Raiders Cheap Jerseys new general Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale manager is the utterly inexperienced but apparently immensely persuasive John Lynch.

Shanahan’s gaffes on Sunday will not be another impediment, though. This is still a worthwhile hire for a franchise that can’t afford to waste any more moves.

Still, however, to quote more than a few observers …

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