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What do you get out of it if it goes well?

Look, proposing in public is one of the most high-risk, low-reward situations in the pantheon of human experiences. What do you get out of it if it goes well? The cheers of a couple thousand people and a video of you and your now-fiancé on a goddamn jumbotron? Crowd approval is ephemeral and stupid, and videos of yourself on a jumbotron are less ephemeral but equally stupid, so you might as well just not do it.

But, if you must, for reasons I will never understand, you should have a pretty good sense that the person you’re asking to tether themselves to you for the rest of your lives wants to be tethered to you. I know, I know, people go rogue; this woman might’ve been like, “yeah, Jerry, I’ll totally marry you,” the day before in casual conversation. And then panicked when the formal offer came through as she thought about how she’d have to deal with Jerry’s snoring, his ugly La-Z-Boy, and his propensity to leave the toilet seat up for all of her days.

Or, counterpoint: Maybe she was like, yeah, I’ll marry you, and then Jerry proposed in public, and she was like, “Wow, you clearly don’t know me at all, because this is my own personal hell, so, no, I won’t marry you.”

What a nice spot for Dallas. Fans will clamor for a defenseman, but Super Cheap Jerseys China I don’t think there’s one in this draft worthy of the third overall pick. The Stars should take one of the many quality centers to prepare for life without Jason Spezza or (god forbid) Tyler Seguin.

And I think Vilardi is the choice here. Reminds one of Spezza, really: good size, good playmaking instincts, and good hands to help create space for scoring chances. And young, too; Vilardi won’t turn 18 until August.

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