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The Lawsons took one more shot at Memphis before leaving for Kansas.

The Lawson brothers announced last week they are leaving Memphis to transfer to Kansas. K.J. Lawson couldn’t resist taking one more shot at his former program on his way out the door.

Lawson was seen on Snapchat shouting “f— Tubby” on Thursday. Tubby Smith is the Memphis coach who led the Tigers to a 19-13 record in his first season with the team this past season.

On their recent podcast, SB Nation’s Mountain West Connection recently chatted with Coach Carter on the moves, and whether or not we’ll see more moves like these in the future.

According to the East Bay Express, Carter dropped out of high school to become Hammer’s lead dancer and head choreographer. He started out as part of a dance group and followed Hammer in the ‘80s and ‘90s:

By then, Carter idolized MC Hammer. He began following the emcee wherever he performed. His devotion was soon rewarded; when MC Hammer signed his major record deal with Capitol Jerseys Wholesale Records, he chose Carter.

It looks like Carter hasn’t lost a step either. We hope he and his players all Cheap Hockey Jerseys Canada get together and do the Hammer Dance to celebrate victories. Clemson’s Deshaun Watson might be the most NFL-ready quarterback, but the Jets really like Trubisky. The Jets sent six representatives to the UNC pro day, including new quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates. The Jets then flew in Trubisky for a private workout. He has tremendous upside, but there is a concern he might not be ready after just 13 collegiate starts.

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