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Another week of last-minute madness for the Patriots Cheap Barcelona Jerseys, this instance in overtime against the Jets. New York was lined up to kick the field goal, a long one that missed. But there was a flag on the play. Patriots defensive tackle Chris Jones pushed his own man through the pile. It looked like a bad call, but it was actually the result of a new rule in the NFL this year.

Teams are no longer allowed to push players when they’re stacked up on field goal and punt formations.

The Atlanta Falcons weren’t taking any chances when they hosted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Georgia Dome this weekend, going so far as to send in a specially outfitted cleaning crew in hazmat suits to clean out the visiting locker room to prevent a MRSA outbreak.

It’s 2013 in the country’s most popular sport, and the last line of defense to prevent an infectious disease outbreak is the poor crew who drew the short-straw on morning shift duty. I hope they got an extra day of vacation or something.

MRSA is no laughing matter — but this looks like the strangest forgotten episode of “Breaking Bad” we’ve ever seen.

Sam Bradford overcame an early interception to become settled and accurate, but was routinely let down by his teammates. At least two touchdowns came off the board when Tavon Austin was denied due to a clipping penalty and Brian Quick dropped a pass in his hands late in the game. Bradford is often criticized for his lack of big throws, but it’s impossible to make them when the rest Cheap China NFL Jerseys of your team is crumbling. Of course, Bradford’s apparently serious knee injury presents its own set of questions for St. Louis now.

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