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His legacy is at stake, and he’s running out of options in Arizona.

Sergi Roberto, one of Barcelona’s biggest goats in the first leg of this tie, came up as the unlikely hero for the blaugranes, popping up to finish off a desperate sequence right before the final whistle. It wasn’t a pretty finish, but it was still a goal, a goal of massive and historic consequences. Not only do Barcelona advance despite having looked like they were dead to rights, but they completed the biggest comeback in a tie in the history of the Champions League. It was stunning to watch, incredible to comprehend, and there’s still so much more of the season left for Barcelona to try and top this moment. Goodness gracious.

Barcelona: Marc-Andre Ter Stegen; Javier Mascherano, Gerard Pique, Samuel Umtiti; Ivan Rakitic (Andre Gomes 84’), Sergio Busquets, Andre Iniesta (Arda Turan 65’); Lionel Messi; Rafinha (Sergi Roberto 76’), Luis Suarez, Neymar

That gave PSG a two-goal aggregate lead again — and more importantly, gave them the vital away goal tiebreaker they needed as extra security in the tie.

The facts are easy to verify. Before the Coyotes moved out of downtown Phoenix they ranked 29th in attendance out of the league of 30 teams. Their first year in the Glendale Arena they ranked 19th in attendance. Attendance stayed in that tier until the floundering team started losing their disappointed fans’ support.
She also noted that the team didn’t start complaining about wanting a new arena until the city of Glendale stopped subsidizing the franchise through a $15 million arena-management deal in 2015.

His legacy is at stake, and he’s running out of options in Arizona. The Phoenix Suns don’t want to share a stadium with the Coyotes, and they don’t seem interested in a brand new arena either.

Think of the Coyotes as a roommate. An unproductive roommate who doesn’t help out around the apartment or get a job and for some reason blames it on you. Coyotes roommate goes to other people he kinda-sorta knows and asks if he can live with them. They say no.9

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