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South Carolina OL Corey Robinson: “Dante Fowler.” (Succinct, but makes sense).

Kansas State OL B.J. Finney: “The one that gave me the most fits would be Chucky Hunter from TCU. He’s just got one motor that is unmatched by anybody that I’ve played. That guy just keeps coming and coming. He’d probably be the biggest pain that I played.”

Hobart and William Smith OL Ali Marpet: “Danny Shelton [at the Senior Bowl]. He was on the North squad, so I would go up against him in practice. He’s a big body. You don’t see a guy who’s 330, 340, whatever he is. And if you do see someone that big, you don’t see him with that sort of explosiveness. The combination of those things was the biggest jump. I think I struggled most of all with the quickness of some of the edge guys. Nate Orchard was a quick guy off the edge, and it was that first step that was the hardest. I got used to it by the third day. And in the game, I was fine.”

Utah OL Jeremiah Poutasi: “I’d have to give it to my teammate Nate Orchard. He’s a tough guy. I go against him every day. He just comes up with new moves every day. He’s long, he’s strong and he’s fast. He’s everything you want in a defensive end.”

South Carolina OL Corey Robinson: “Dante Fowler.” (Succinct, but makes sense).

A.J. Shepherd: “I’d probably say Markus Golden from Missouri. He’s probably the best player I played against all year. He’s just a relentless player. If you watch him, he never gives up toward the ball. So even if you block him, he’s going to fight you. He’s going to hit you with two or three moves in one play.

D.J. Humphries: “Besides Dante [Fowler?] Probably Shane Ray. He’s the only person who’s ever given me a two-sack game in my college career. He’s just tenacious; he has a very good get-off, and he’s just tenacious in his effort. He’s very good. Folwer? He’s a freak. Some people, it’s like, “I know I’m going to rip. I know I’m fixing to do a swim move.” It’s just like, he reacts to everything you do. He comes off the ball shake, shake whatever you give him, he’s going to take it away from you.”

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