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Here’s a prime example against a quality Arizona defense back in Week 1

Today, let’s cut through the film and focus on five key areas of Garoppolo’s game. From his ability to read pressure and play with high-level vision on the field, here’s a comprehensive look at the positives and negatives that Garoppolo showed on tape during his time in New England.

After Garoppolo’s first career start in Week 1 versus the Arizona Cardinals, I wrote a piece on how the Patriots’ offense didn’t change a bit without Tom Brady in the lineup.

Instead of the reduced game plan we are accustomed to seeing when a No. 2 quarterback takes the ball, the Patriots continued to run their scheme with Garoppolo in the game. Think of the quick passing game, play-action, the short-to-intermediate route tree and the core concepts that create space for wide receivers. And that continued in Week 2 versus the Dolphins, a game in which Garoppolo threw three touchdown passes in the first half.

It all starts at the line of scrimmage with Garoppolo’s ability to identify coverages, find the matchups and get the ball out.

Here’s a prime example against a quality Arizona defense back in Week 1: Garoppolo reads the pre-snap rotation of the safeties and takes advantage of the matchup outside of the numbers with Chris Hogan.

When talking to reporters in Arizona last week, Hamilton said the biggest thing for him was not trying to do too much too fast at the beginning of camp.

“Being eight months out, it feels good. My brain-set is if it feels good, so go,” Hamilton said then. “There are spurts in there at 100 percent. That’s one thing I’m trying to manage. I don’t need to be at 100 percent right now. I think running is the biggest thing because I don’t need to be running at 100 percent right now.”

Hamilton has a $24 million salary this year, and the Los Angeles Angels pay the Rangers $22 million to cover most of it. This is the final season of the $125 million, five-year deal he signed with the Angels as a free agent before the 2013 season, though they traded him back to Texas two years later.


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